Three-Phase Constant Current Regulator

COMPLIANT with the Current Edition of the following Specs:

ICAO: Aerodrome Design Manual Part 5, Electrical Systems

IEC: 61821 & 61822

FAA: L-828 & L-829 AC150/5345-10


Width: up to 15 kVA: 475 mm, from 15 to 20 kVA: 600 mm

Height: up to 15 kVA: 1530 mm, from 15 to 20 kVA: 1630 mm

Depth: up to 15 kVA: 750 mm, from 15 to 20 kVA: 900 mm


The three-phase constant current regulators, series UR3000, particularly designed to provide power to airport lighting series circuits, provide input phase balance, high power factor, high efficiency and sinusoidal output current independently of the load size.
These constant current regulators are suitable for operation under the following environmental conditions:
– protected ambient
– temperature comprising between – 20° C and + 50° C, including monitoring circuitry
– height above sea from 0 up to 2000 m
– humidity from 10% through 95% (not condensing).