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We understand the importance of continuous training on technological developments in the sector and staying up to date with regulations. And that’s why during the year we design and organize several AGL courses customized for our customers, partners and distributors.

Our training sessions have a strong practical component to systematize and strengthen learning through the hands-on use of our technologies. It is open to all – new or seasoned airfield professionals in the field and can serve as the perfect refresher course for your staff involved in maintenance and operations.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of training courses to improve and sustain the competence of your staff covering topics such as International Regulations, Design, Installation & Maintenance and AGL Portfolio. The courses are delivered either in OCEM training centers or at your site or can even be conducted online as webinars.

OCEM Airfield combines many decades of experience with the development and the installation and commissioning of airfield ground lighting solutions in its training offer. Our focus lies in helping airport collaborators understand the world of AGL, obtain in-depth knowledge on OCEM Products & Solutions, how to maintain the quality of the Airfield Ground Lighting and what to learn with regards to AGL Design. Our training sessions combine a good dose of theoretical training coupled with a practical understanding of how products work, how to maintain them, and the key aspects of AGL design.

Our training packages


AGL Basics

Airfield Ground Lighting Principles

A 4-day course, AGL Basic provides an introduction to the requirements of airfield lighting and a general overview of AGL applications (i.e. characteristics, features, and functionality). It introduces international standards and explains the principles of maintenance and safety.


AGL Products & Solutions

Airfield Ground Lighting Product Training

The 4-day course demonstrates the practical aspects of the theory covered in AGL BASIC. The session explores in detail the functionality, structure, installation and maintenance of products and systems of OCEM Airfield while providing an extensive understanding of product safety. It helps establish practical processes related to product/systems.


AGL Maintenance

This 4-day course provides an in-depth overview of various AGL operations and maintenance aspects, how to best maintain the products and solutions, what procedures, what tools, and what processes. Trainees will understand how to make sure products and solutions are kept operational throughout their lifetime without interruption and what tooling can be used to install and maintain them to guarantee optimal functioning.


AGL Design

AGL Design provides a 4-day introduction to AGL Design, products and system characteristics and specifications to meet international standards such as ICAO, FAA and many others.
During this training, we create a clear understanding of the basics of AGL Design and how to make sure every AGL Design meets the standards and takes into consideration the topology of the airport.


AGL Tailor-made

Tailor-made on-site product, maintenance and operator training on OCEM’s airfield products.
Based on what was delivered OCEM AGL Training Center develops a training package given on site towards the key users of the different products and solutions.

Here is the agenda for 2021

Competence Management Program

We can conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current competencies of your team members, and subsequently design and impart a personalized program enabling your employees to reach the required skill objectives.

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