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OCEM lights up the Door of Africa: Cairo International Airport


YEAR 2018-2019

The challenge

Cairo International Airport, situated northeast of the city, is considered the gateway to Africa and is the second busiest airport on the continent.

With its 16.5 million passengers in 2017 it saw an increase in traffic of 4% compared to 2015 and 30.9% compared to 2007.

In 2017, the airport announced a tender for the renewal of its central runway, the 05C-23C, which, together with the supply of materials, required the design of LED lights, installation, commissioning and training.

The project

OCEM Airfield Technology beat the competition by proposing technical improvements that went beyond the tender's basic requirements, like the optimisation of the signal circuitry and the creation of a personalised system for the management of R.E.T.I.L. signals.

Our prompt problem solving allowed us to efficiently eliminate all obstacles and to meet the scheduled deadlines, making it possible for the runway to open on time in April 2019.

Coordination with the local company that carried out the AGL design according to our guidelines was supported by frequent site visits and excellent project management.

Likewise, requests for certification of our materials were handled with care and attention, thus demonstrating our responsiveness and flexibility and establishing a solid relationship of trust.

The success of this project with the gateway to Africa has made OCEM Airfield Technology quite popular in the region, leading to new opportunities both with the customer and with new venues.


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Used Products

As a conclusion and as head of the engineering firm in charge of the supervision and management of RWY 05C Upgrade Project at Cairo Airport, I strongly recommend OCEM for your future projects. This recommendation is based on my experience in the above mentioned project and others, related to similar projects with different suppliers.

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