Three-Phase Constant Current Regulator


UR3000 series three-phase constant current regulators based on IGBT technology provide sinusoidal wave current through high-frequency PWM switching converters (double conversion architecture). These new generation CCRs have been designed to provide power to airport lighting series circuits and assure balanced load distribution, high power factor and elevated efficiency. Their flexibility and very low response time allows adapting to any type of load, particularly devices using LED or electronic converters.

TAG: Controlling area Power Solutions

Width up to 15 kVA: 475 mm, from 15 to 20 kVA: 600 mm
Height up to 15 kVA: 1530 mm, from 15 to 20 kVA: 1630 mm
Device depth up to 15 kVA: 750 mm, from 15 to 20 kVA: 900 mm


Intended use

Product for control areas

Success stories

Cairo International Airport selects OCEM Airfield Technology for its move to LED Airfield Ground Lighting

Africa’s second busiest airport Cairo Airport International confided OCEM Airfield Technology with a turnkey project to make the move to LED for its central runway and the taxiways that connect to the runway.

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The three-phase constant current regulators, series UR3000, particularly designed to provide power to airport lighting series circuits, provide input phase balance, high power factor, high efficiency and sinusoidal output current independently of the load size.

These constant current regulators are suitable for operation under the following environmental conditions:

– protected ambient

– temperature comprising between – 20° C and + 50° C, including monitoring circuitry

– height above sea from 0 up to 2000 m

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We offer our customers a complete, ongoing service that starts from the design of the airport ground movement system and continues with production, installation and maintenance. Every single project is tailored to the customer's needs and carried out in collaboration with various sector partners.

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