LED Luminous Guidance Sign Single Face


Inside lighted, LIMS is designed for use on airport taxiways and runways to mark taxi routes and intersections, by day and by night. Colors may be black on yellow, yellow on black, or white on red depending on the application as defined by ICAO. Designed in compliance with FAA AC 150/5345-44, it has a constant average luminance widely exceeding ICAO. It varies in length from 1m to over 3m depending on the inscription and has one to three LED sticks of variable length positioned at the top of the sign to facilitate maintenance operations.

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Width Type (visible length mm): 10 = 990 13 = 1250 15 = 1470 20 = 1950 22 = 2190 24 = 2430 30 = 2890
Height Message Size: 3 = 300 mm Legend Height 4 = 400 mm Legend Height


Power Consumption
Power consumption with maximum luminance 10 = 23 W 13 = 26 W 15 = 29 W 20 = 37 W 22 = 39 W 24 = 43 W 30 = 52 W

Intended use

Product for runways

Success stories

Cairo International Airport selects OCEM Airfield Technology for its move to LED Airfield Ground Lighting

Africa’s second busiest airport Cairo Airport International confided OCEM Airfield Technology with a turnkey project to make the move to LED for its central runway and the taxiways that connect to the runway.

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Additional options

MAIN OPTIONS: 01 = Tether
02 = Yellow frame
10 = Monitoring
48 = Reinforced version FAA-mode 3 (483 km/h)
69 = Orange rear side for single face signs
70 = Bird Spikes

Step by step

We offer our customers a complete, ongoing service that starts from the design of the airport ground movement system and continues with production, installation and maintenance. Every single project is tailored to the customer's needs and carried out in collaboration with various sector partners.

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