LED Inset Runway Centreline and Rapid Exit Taxiway Indicator Light (R.E.T.I.L.)

COMPLIANT with the Current Edition of the following Specs:

ICAO: Annex 14 – Volume I

IEC: TS 61827

FAA: L-850A-T AC150/5345-46 and “Engineering Brief No.67”




Diameter: 12″

Protrusion: 6.3 mm

Fixture Depth: 119 mm

Base Depth: 150 mm



Runway Centreline White/Red: 31 VA (1 plug) / 31 VA (2 plugs)

Runway Centreline White/White: 31 VA (1 plug) / 40 VA (2 plugs)

Runway Centreline White: 20 VA

Runway Centreline Red: 11 VA

Runway Centreline Red (L-850T): 16 VA

R.E.T.I.L. Yellow: 19 VA



Arctic Kit: electric device, thermostatically controlled, that heats the area near the prisms (inset fixtures) or the external glass lens (elevated fixtures) favoring the melting of the ice and/or snow; thus avoids the light beam obstruction with a behaviour similar to a traditional halogen lamp. 40 VA per plug.

Monitoring: electronic device that returns information of open circuit at the secondary of the isolation transformer in case of failure of a luminous LED source or control board.