Taiwan chooses OCEM for constant current regulators

year 2016

The company recently completed a full supply of CCRs to Magong Airport


OCEM Airfield Technology recently delivered a full supply of AGL constant current regulators to Magong Airport on Penghu Island off the western coast of Taiwan.

The CCRs were delivered last month and maintain a constant, pre-displayed and adjustable output current independely of load or power supply fluctuations.

The Italian company offers a full of range of control equipment, including various type of CCRs (single-phase, tri-phase, SCR and IGBT), airfield ground lighting (both LED and halogen) and control systems (PC and PLC), and circuit selector switches.

The DIAM 4100 CCRs delivered to Magong are optimized for use, maintenance and cost. Their microprocessor DSP have powerful numerical processing capabilities that can be adapted to all types of loads. Their internal CAN architecture has been designed to minimized the number and variety of spare parts, and to allow customization and flexibility.

And by offering the latest technology and high performance at a competitive price, OCEM’s CCRs represent the best value on the market.  

OCEM Airfield Technology

Lighting the future


OCEM Airfield Technology is a leading global airfield lighting provider with close to a century of experience in the airfield industry. It has supplied AGL solutions and systems to more than 1,100 airports on six continents and has installed more than 200 airfield control monitoring systems worldwide. Headquartered in Italy, OCEM has production activity in Italy (Bologna), the U.S. (Chicago), France (Nice) and China (Suzhou), and sales and technical support in South Korea, India, China, the UK, Italy, France, U.S., Mexico and Brazil.

Together with Multi Electric (U.S.) and Augier (France), OCEM forms part of Aretè & Cocchi Technology, a holding group focused on high-tech businesses leading industrial fields.

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