Seattle & Los Angeles: OCEM lights up the American West Coast

year 2015

OCEM Airfield Technology, with Multi Electric, installs LED lights at Seattle Airport

Multi Electric, OCEM Airfield Technology’s U.S. subsidiary, recently provided LED airfield ground lighting solutions for major airports in the Seattle, Washington, area, with installations on-going in Los Angeles, California, as well.  

The Chicago company has finished installing LED Elevated Edge, Inset Centerline Luminaries and Guard Lights at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA-TAC). The airport is one of the fastest-growing airports in the U.S. (Source Momberger, ed), serving 37.5 million passengers and 327,000 metric tons of air cargo in 2014. 

Last summer, Multi Electric also installed in-pavement and elevated LED runway edge lights in nearby McChord Air Force Base outside Tacoma.  

In addition, OCEM inset and elevated approach and threshold LED lights are being used to renew one of the largest air hubs in the U.S.: Los Angeles International Airport, California (LAX). 

Multi Electric operates a localized product design, incorporating a lean production process and supply chain in their facilities in order to assure the highest quality and most advanced features for LED fixtures. 

Their products are Made in the U.S. and fully FAA certified, and have been installed in many of the U.S.’s major airports. 

OCEM Airfield Technology

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OCEM is a focused player and an innovative leader in the Airfield Technology field with close to a 100- year history. It supplies more than 1000 airports and more than 100 Airfield Control Monitoring Systems, including also Augier Sas (France), MultiElectric (USA) and ITS (China).

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