Respect for People, Diversity and Human Rights




OCEM Airfield Technology as all other companies part of the Aretè & Cocchi Technology group focus on creating an environment where people feel motivated, empowered and respected. We are part of a company that has more than 500 employees from 27 nationalities across 15 offices worldwide. A diverse group of people of all age categories, sexes and beliefs. We view this diversity as our strength and are committed to fair and equal treatment of all of our employees making sure each and everyone gets all the opportunities to excel and grow his or her talent.


Great Working Conditions from the basis

We strive to provide a workplace environment where our employees feel good working with us, ranging from. We focus on the well-being of our employees and do this by:

· Giving employees access to the latest technologies to allow them to work from anywhere in the world in the best of conditions

· Create an atmosphere of collaboration where all teams work closely together to make sure our customers get the best attention and care possible

· Give a lot of attention to the physical well-being of our employees not only by the latest standards in office material but also by creating a great working environment on all levels by foreseeing yoga classes, joint lunches and many fun activities.

· Furthermore we participate in the Intercultura program enabling our employees’ children to go abroad and study, learn new languages etc,…thanks to this student exchange program.

· We also foresee internships for the children of our employees and finance university programs for our colleagues to learn new skills.

Creating great working conditions, pay attention to health and wellbeing and create new opportunities by supporting training opportunities are just some of the actions by which we want our employees to feel good about working at OCEM Airfield Technology.


Health and Safety

We have an extensive health and safety policy and management systems to promote occupational safety and accident prevention to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. To guarantee this we make sure that all our employees have the right attitude to prevent injuries whether in the office or during production. All production

employees get the necessary protection materials and strict rules are in place to guarantee that our products are manufactured in the safest way possible with a focus on environmentally friendly production processes reducing energy consumption and eliminating waste to a minimum.

The safety and health of every employee gets the highest priority. Safety and health will only be achieved through teamwork. Everyone must join together in promoting safety and health and taking every reasonable measure to assure safe working conditions within the company respecting all environmental regulations in place in accordance with our ISO 14001 certification. We focus on ZERO accidents, injuries, and spills/environmental releases are attainable.


Diversity and Equal Opportunity

We maintain a strict non-discrimination policy and guarantee fair and equal treatment of all employees no matter what race, gender, nationality, religion or sexual orientation.


OCEM Airfield Technology is a company that

· Wants to make sure employees feel respected, inspired and motivated

· Believes that by maintaining clear policies to guarantee equal treatment and focus on well-being, people are much more motivated, can develop themselves and feel great in our company.

Inspiration, teamwork and well-being are key to have satisfied employees which flows over to a bigger attention to customers’ needs. Happy people, happy customers.

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