LED Inset Taxiway Edge Light


An omnidirectional, 8” or 12” diameter light, the LITE is used at the taxiway edge for ICAO, FAA and military taxiways. With an LED rated life of over 100,000 hours in field operating conditions, its light output is variable like a traditional halogen lamp, as indicated by the FAA directive. The in-built electronic is strong and highly resistant to shocks and vibrations and can immediately detect and create an alert in the event of an internal fault. A 6.35mm protrusion strongly reduces vibrations to aircraft, increasing its lifetime. Its drop-forged dome and cast aluminum lower cover make the fitting sturdy, but lightweight too for easy handling in the field.

TAG: Lights Taxiway and apron LED solutions

Diameter 8 o 12''
Overhang 6,3 mm
Device depth 97,5 mm
Basic depth 125 mm (8” fixture) o 150 mm (12” fixture)


Power Consumption
8 VA

Intended use

Product for taxiways and aprons

Additional options

Arctic Kit:

Electric device, thermostatically controlled, that heats the area near the prisms (inset fixtures) or the external glass lens (elevated fixtures) favoring the melting of the ice and/or snow; thus avoids the light beam obstruction with a behaviour similar to a traditional halogen lamp. Less than 12 VA.

Monitoring: Electronic device that returns information of open circuit at the secondary of the isolation transformer in case of failure of a luminous LED source or control board.

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