OCEM takes another step ahead in the AGL market with new LED Turning-Pad Light 

year 2016


The omnidirectional elevated light maintains its brilliance at every current step

OCEM Airfield Technology has become one of the first players in the airfield ground lighting industry to launch an LED turning-pad light that maintains the same luminance independently of current level.

The LED Turning Pad Edge (LETP) offers fixed omnidirectional blue light with current ranging from 2.8 to 6.6 A. The new signal was designed to comply with ICAO Annex 14 and, after both internal and field tests, is currently being used in operative installations.  

The LETP was created to identify the edges of a runway turn pad based on specific requests from airports. It stems from one of OCEM’s most successful products, the LED Elevated Taxi Edge (LETE), and maintains the same light intensity regardless of the intensity of the other fittings on the same primary circuit.

Keeping the customer’s needs in mind, OCEM designed the light to withstand wind velocities of up to 480 km/h, resist water leakage in accordance with IP67 standards, and operate in temperatures ranging from -55 degrees C to +55 degrees C.

The LETP also incorporates long-lasting, energy-saving LED technology, offering about 100,000 hours of operational life under typical airfield conditions.

The new product is the latest in OCEM’s push for a full energy-saving product line, showing once again the company’s commitment to being one of the top producers in the AGL market.

OCEM Airfield Technology

Lighting the future


OCEM Airfield Technology is a leading global airfield lighting provider with close to a century of experience in the airfield industry. It has supplied AGL solutions and systems to more than 1,100 airports on six continents and has installed more than 200 airfield control monitoring systems worldwide. Headquartered in Italy, OCEM has production activity in Italy (Bologna), the U.S. (Chicago), France (Nice) and China (Suzhou), and sales and technical support in South Korea, India, China, the UK, Italy, France, U.S., Mexico and Brazil.

Together with Multi Electric (U.S.) and Augier (France), OCEM forms part of Aretè & Cocchi Technology, a holding group focused on high-tech businesses leading industrial fields.

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