OCEM LED Lights the Runway at Madrid-Barajas Airport

year 2015

OCEM Airfield Technology completes new installation at Barajas Airport


OCEM Airfield Technology completed installation of its cutting-edge LED lighting system in one of the world’s busiest airports: Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport (Spain), serving 41 million customers annually.

The Italian company completed the LED installation in less than a month. It furnished lighting to Runway 18R-36L of Madrid-Barajas, Spain’s largest international airport and the fourth-busiest in Europe. In 2014, Madrid-Barajas was ranked No. 12 worldwide in passenger transport.

OCEM Airfield provided the following LED products:

– LIRC (LED Inset Runway Centerline and Rapid Exit Taxiway Indicator Light, R.E.T.I.L.)

– LIRD (LED Inset Touchdown Zone Light)

– LERE (LED Elevated Runway Edge and Threshold/End Light)

– LIRE (LED Inset Runway Edge Light)

– LIRT (LED Inset Threshold and Wing bar Light)

– LIRN (LED Inset Runway Light)

The company is proud to add Madrid-Barajas to its list of world-class clients, as the presence of OCEM LED lights in such an important airport is definitive proof of the quality and reliability of OCEM Airfield Technology products. The Italian company looks forward to expanding its presence in airports across the globe.

OCEM Airfield Technology

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OCEM is a focused player and an innovative leader in the Airfield Technology field with close to a 100- year history. It supplies more than 1000 airports and more than 100 Airfield Control Monitoring Systems, including also Augier Sas (France), MultiElectric (USA) and ITS (China).

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