OCEM consolidates its supremacy in providing military installations with its new ALL-LED line

year 2015

largeThe Airfield division will provide in the coming months almost 1000 LED lights for the military airport of Amendola (Italy)

OCEM Airfield Technology is pleased to announce the supply of new LED lights for the military airport of Amendola. The structure, which was the biggest military airport in Europe until 1944, is located 15 km northeast of Foggia (Apulia) and has a runway 2,720 m long. With a surface of 1,050 hectares it represents the largest military airfield in Italy.
The military airport, with the upcoming arrival of the new F-35 fighter aircrafts, has decided to carry out large scale renovations, providing for the rebuilding of the runway’s infrastructure and the introduction of new LED lights. The renovation work, by 3° Reparto Genio A.M. – 16° Gruppo Genio campale di Bari Palese, started in May and will continue up to the end of September 2015. For this operation, our company will provide almost 1000 new LED lights including:
– LERE (LED elevated runway edge and threshold/end lights)
– LIRE (LED inset runway edge lights)
– LIRT (LED inset threshold and wing bar lights)
– LIRH (LED inset threshold end/lights)
– LIRA (LED inset approach lights)
– LERA (LED elevated approach, threshold and runway end lights)
– LRGL (LED elevated runway guard lights)
– LIRC (LED inset runway centerline and rapid taxiway indicator lights (RETIL))
– LETE (LED elevated taxiway edge lights)
– LITE (LED inset taxiway edge lights)
– LIGS (LED luminous guidance signs)
– LSDS (LED luminous signs)
OCEM is very proud of this partnership as the Amendola structure is one of the first military airfields in Italy and Europe to have an entire runway operated with LED lights. With this installation, the military airport of Amendola will boast a number of savings in energy and costs in the long term (our LED lights have a lifespan of 100,000 hours in normal conditions use and 60,000 with high intensity), in line with the spending review carried out by the Italian government in these recent years.
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