OCEM Airfield Technology launches new smart LED luminous guidance sign

year 2016

The new LIMS offers customizable electronics inside a super-slim package

OCEM Airfield Technology has launched a new LED Luminous Guidance Sign (LIMS) offering customizable smart electronics in a super-slim frame.

The new single-face signs can display different luminance based on the supplied current and are available in monitored or unmonitored versions, all with the long life and easy maintenance that characterize LED.

The LIMS, which is just 41 mm thick, was designed for use on airport taxiways and runways to mark taxi routes and intersections by day and night. The signs are UV and abrasion resistant and waterproof, and can withstand high wind speeds of up 322 km/hr. A special reinforced version is also available that withstands wind speeds of up to 483 km/hr.

The signs are easy to install and fully compatible with existing airfield ground lighting and control and monitoring systems.

They can be 1 to 3 meters long depending on the writing and comply with a variety of regulatory bodies — including ICAO, EASA and NATO — with a constant average luminance that widely exceeds ICAO’s requirements.

The new guidance sign is the latest product upgrade from OCEM’s robust R&D program, which works constantly to improve the company’s products and expand its catalogue to meet its customer needs.

For the full range of features and exciting customization options, download the LIMS product brochure  here.

OCEM Airfield Technology

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OCEM Airfield Technology is a leading global airfield lighting provider with close to a century of experience in the airfield industry. It has supplied AGL solutions and systems to more than 1,100 airports on six continents and has installed more than 200 airfield control monitoring systems worldwide. Headquartered in Italy, OCEM has production activity in Italy (Bologna), the U.S. (Chicago), France (Nice) and China (Suzhou), and sales and technical support in South Korea, India, China, the UK, Italy, France, U.S., Mexico and Brazil.

Together with Multi Electric (U.S.) and Augier (France), OCEM forms part of Aretè & Cocchi Technology, a holding group focused on high-tech businesses leading industrial fields.

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