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Trivandrum International Airport selects OCEM for its move to LED for its approach system


YEAR 2020

OCEM project's for Trivandrum International Airport

More than 50 airports in India have selected OCEM as its key partner for the airfield since the start of operations in one of the biggest countries in the world. Trivandrum International Airport has been one of the first airports to go for OCEM products and solutions. Most recently the airport selected OCEM’s full LED approach solution to integrate in its Cat I set up.

OCEM’s approach system was selected because of the design of OCEM’s approach system which is very easy to install and maintain. Another key element was the very fast start-up in the unlikely event of a potential power shortage. The system also offers a unique set of features including different possibilities of flashing supported such as sequenced flashing, contemporary flashing and clustered flashing.

Trivandrum International Airport was established already in 1932. It serves the city of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala in India and is the country’s fifth international airport, it’s key for the economic growth of Kerala one of the largest economies in India. The airport also has a large cargo base.

New OCEM Heliport for Mantalai, India

OCEM has been commissioned to supply a full Heliport for Mantalai in India. Mantalai is especially know for its Mantalai Temple which is located at a height of 1,450 m. The shrine has a small idol of Goddess Parvati as a kanya (girl child). It is believed that Goddess Parvati was born here and got married to Lord Shiva at the same place. The region where Mantalai is located is very difficult to reach as there are no highways running to it. OCEM’s Heliport solution will be critical to create a better connection with this remote Himalayan region and the closest cities both for the transportation of people and the shipment of goods. The region is not only beloved by pelgrims but also by tourists that love it for mountainbiking and hiking.

As part of the OCEM heliport solution OCEM will deliver its full Heliport set up including inset and elevated heliport lights, an A-PAPI or a precision approach indication and Heliport floodlights. The Mantalai Heliport is expected to be operational by …

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