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Tallinn chooses OCEM and becomes Europe's first fully LED airport


YEAR 2016-2017

The challenge

In 2016, Tallinn Airport undertook works to modernise and comply with CATII safety requirements, which ensure that the airport has visual lighting aids that allow a visibility of 350 m (as per ICAO and FAA standards).

The aim of the project, besides increasing the airport’s level of flight safety, was to improve the airport’s infrastructure in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner, as well as to reduce CO2 emissions into the surrounding environment.

The project

Tallinn took advantage of this opportunity to become Europe's first all-LED airport, choosing OCEM Airfield Technology to carry out this turnkey project with delivery of an entire LED lighting and signage system within two years.

In addition to the AGL supply and commissioning, OCEM Airfield Technology was also asked to perform the installation (electrical work and calibration), a task usually performed by civil contractors.The project presented OCEM Airfield Technology with a number of challenges, most notably the installation of the lighting system while the airport remained operational. This hurdle was overcome by doing most of the work at night, in extreme weather conditions (as cold as -20°C). Our efforts made it possible for the airport to remain fully operational and to complete the works on time.

We were also able to migrate from a pre-installed remote control system to OCEM Airfield Technology one. To allow the airport to continue to provide proper signalling, the migration was done gradually: as our signals and controllers were installed, OCEM Airfield Technology’s remote control was connected. This process minimised the risks of the tower and difficulties for the operators. The project was therefore successfully completed, and today Tallinn boasts the first all-LED airport in Europe, a key hub for transport throughout the northern part of the old continent.


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