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OCEM Airfield Technology brings LED lights on the slopes of Malpensa and Linate


YEAR 2019

The challenge

Of the main national AVL renewal projects planned for 2019, the one at Linate is certainly one of the biggest.

At the end of July the Milanese airport was closed for three months to carry out a number of projects, including the upgrading of visual aids and the construction of new runway drains. The concrete taxiway will also be repaired.

The project

OCEM Airfield Technology is the supplier for the new LED runway lights and approach lighting for both heads.

This result was part of a process that was initially based solely on supplies to the Milanese company, then in mid-2017 it became part of the Temporary Association of Companies, for which OCEM Airfield Technology was a 60% contractor for the extraordinary maintenance tender of the next three years, with supplies and installation.

This project is worth more than EUR 4 million.

As part of this framework contract for supplies with installation, several projects have already been carried out, mainly at Malpensa and Linate for the upgrading of the two ends. OCEM Airfield Technology is a supplier of elevated and inset LED approach lights and accessories.

OCEM Airfield Technology will contribute with all the LED lights destined for the Linate runway with a further supply agreement defined at the end of May, as part of the Temporary Association of Companies that won the tender for the renovation of the runway.

OCEM’s satisfaction in seeing its objectives achieved and the acknowledgements received by Italian technology is combined with a dutiful sense of responsibility to guarantee the quality of the equipment and the performance of its work.


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