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OCEM lights announce the arrival of the G7 in Taormina


YEAR 2017

The challenge

2017 was the year that Italy held the rotating presidency of the G7, an occasion of great honour.

The city of Taormina, chosen to host the summit, prepared for the arrival of the leaders from the world’s seven economic powers by building two heliports on the island, one in Piscina and the other in Piano Porto, in just 75 days.

The project

Thanks to full compliance with the tender specifications, OCEM Airfield Technology was awarded the complete supply of heliport systems in collaboration with the Air Force.

The full supply was intended for lighting and signalling of the two helipads, as well as helicopter parking, and included products for LED heliports, regulators and PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicators.

Despite the tight schedule, OCEM Airfield Technology delivered the supply within the deadline and created a team dedicated exclusively to the project.

The city of Taormina, also thanks to the visual supports supplied by OCEM Airfield Technology, was therefore the stage of one of the most solemn events of 2017, and the heliports were recognised as essential works for the region both from a civil point of view and for medical needs.

At the end of this successful project, in June 2019 the Italian Air Force received the Icaro 2018 award for the infrastructure works carried out for the G7 in Taormina, including the heliports.


Project duration (in days)

Used Products

As part of the construction of the helipads for the G7 in Taormina, OCEM Airifeld Technology has contributed to "ensure the execution of the works necessary to ensure the availability and efficiency of the infrastructures and their full operation, fundamental for the realization of the world summit"

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