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OCEM is supplying the first fully LED airport in Malaysia



The challenge

A source of pride for the entire world, the Malaysian AGL is the country's first fully monitored LED airport, strategically located in Mukah.

Given the recent increase in visitors flying into the coastal city of Mukah, the government earmarked MYR 300 million (EUR 63 million) for a completely new airport designed to accommodate up to 250,000 passengers per year.

The project

Determined to focus on technological innovation and with a vision of better performance oriented towards cost saving, the customer relied on OCEM Airfield Technology for the complete supply of LED lights, with installation in 2019 and airport operations from 2020.

The company offered a package of LED solutions with lights for the runway, taxiway, approach, LED PAPI, flashing LED threshold system and ALCMS, including the control system and monitoring of the individual lamps.

The ambitious project will be completed in 2020, making Mukah Airport the country’s first fully monitored LED airport and a beacon for the entire world of Malaysian AGL.


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