OCEM Airfield Technology is proud to introduce a new LED product for airport facilities.


The new LETG, which replaces the previous LRGL, is an elevated LED runway guard light. The new product has a galvanic insulation of the signal’s internal components ensuring maximum safety and protection from high over voltage.


As with every OCEM product, we guarantee high performance in terms of duration (60,000 hours at full utilization and 100,000 hours under normal conditions) as well as excellent compatibility with older installed systems. Moreover, its software allows you to select the type of mode that you prefer (e.g. instant lighting or light with an increasing ignition signal).


Compared to the past, the LETG has a signal which is composed of a single block with a degree of protection equal to IP67. It offers the possibility of a power supply in series and splitters. Finally, the last added value is given by its easy monitoring: in this way you can always verify if the signal has suffered any breakdowns without going on the field but instead directly from the control tower.

For any questions and / or clarifications on the new LETG, please write to ocem@ocem.com. The OCEM Team will be happy to respond to any of your requests.

The OCEM Team