largeLast June 10th OCEM Airfield Technology has presented its seminar “Lighting the future”

Last June 10th OCEM Airfield Technology has presented its latest edition of the seminar Lighting the future in its headquarters in Bologna, Italy. The training took place for two days with many different classes. Guests could see not only our facilities and laboratories but also they were able to touch by hands our latest generation of LED lights.  Which is what we are famous for.

Our Engineering and Communication staff organized lessons presenting our LED product line, CCRs and Monitoring systems. We presented OCEM’s activities around the world as well.

In fact, it was a delightful event, because visitors had the opportunity to meet the company’s key people and the new employees. It was also a great opportunity to strengthen long-lasting partnerships.

We would like to take the chance to thank all the participants certain they enjoyed this event.

OCEM Airfield Technology is now looking forward to forthcoming events and seminars for our customers and new possible ones around the world so, if you are interested in joining our seminars, please send an email to . Our staff will send you all the necessary information.

OCEM Airfield Technology

Lighting the future


OCEM is a focused player in Airfield Technology and an innovative leader with close to a 100- year history, more than 1000 airports and more than 100 Airfield Control Monitoring Systems, including also Augier Sas (France), MultiElectric (USA) and ITS (China).