Why Airport Operations need Virtual Remote Maintenance Support

Why Airport Operations need Virtual Remote Maintenance Support

Downtime is not only a nightmare for your airport management but has a domino effect on an entire chain of airport stakeholders, the most important one being the passenger whose flight is delayed or canceled.

Unavailability of a runway or taxiway can be prevented by a wide range of maintenance contracts including normal predictive maintenance, corrective maintenance and extraordinary maintenance.

To prevent any disruption to your airport operation OCEM Airfield has developed its OCEM Augmented Reality (AR) assisted Remote Services. The AR services have the benefit that you have access to one of our best service technicians when you need them and the good thing is that you don’t have to wait a few days before he shows up.

OCEM’s Augmented Reality (AR) assisted Remote Services allow you to call him or her whenever a problem arises, using the AR glasses your team(s) can show the problem and our technician can solve it on the go. Creating a huge decrease in downtime by solving problems as they arrive or by finding a better to way to solve issues faster.

The impact of OCEM AR Services is huge and airport operations can be maintained without any hick up.

What benefits of using OCEM’s AR Services

Improves equipment uptime and overall efficiency – Extended support capabilities with remote diagnosis and software corrections helps increase first-time fix rate and decrease mean time to repair. It also enables self-service with remote expert guidance improving uptime and overall efficiency.

Reduces operational costs – The airport can make important financial savings due to virtual assistance and faster operational recovery. It also reduces training requirements of in-house airport staff.

Increases user satisfaction – It has a direct positive impact on customer satisfaction due to limited downtime occurrences.

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